Garden problems: Where is summer?

Garden problems: Where is summer?

Lake Tahoe
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I don’t know if you’re having a challenging summer like me but over all I have no summer. I live in a zone 5 climate and should be having 80-degree days and humid 60-degree night temperatures.

Instead, I am lucky to have two days of sun in a row; the nights are cold dropping down in the low 50’s and there’s too much rain. Most gardens around here are either not growing or they are more than a month behind in time.

When I realized that this was not going to be the best summer I moved my gardens under glass and switched most of my other plants to containers. I now have one of the largest container gardens I have ever had. The plants that need a more controlled climate and warm nights are in a greenhouse or on enclosed patio. (Normally open at this time of year.)

It’s been a learning experience, growing most of my garden under glass, but at least I have a garden.

But I must admit the herbs and perennials are doing ok out in our cold damp summer. They aren’t quite as showy as some years but they are growing and disease doesn’t seem to be affecting them.

So how are your gardens doing and have you had to make changes to adjust to any climate problems?

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