Garden tools: The Priceless Potting Table

Gardening is simplified when you have a workspace. A practical garden tool is the addition of as a potting bench or potting table for the pots, manures, garden sprays and other garden mixes. It also serves as temporary storage for garden supplies.  My gardening bench is my work area and even a place to relax and enjoy my plants.

This is also the area where I plan the garden activities and garden and backyard design.

Your garden potting table can be on the patio, garage, storage shed or in a utility section of your garden area. The table or bench size and accessories will be based on the requirements of the garden.  By using a potting area you can better utilize you small space garden areas.

Some potting tables have two or three shelves to store small garden tools in the lower shelf and garden supplies in slightly higher shelves.  If you have small children it’s best if the shelves have doors and locks. Pets are also a concern and any chemicals need to be put away from inquisitive noses.

The Potting area will also help the gardener to keep garden supplies away from rain, mud or insects.

Many lower shelves on the potting bench or table will also serve as incubating place to grow small seedlings. Temperatures and lighting can be controlled here to help produce healthy plants.  You will even be able to extend you gardening season with seedlings if you can enclose the lower shelving area with glass or plastic and create a mini greenhouse effect.

My potting bench is made from rustic wood with an aluminum table top and hidden sink area. I have two shelving areas below the bench and the back of the bench has two shelves and a pole up above where I can hang hanging baskets. This arrangement makes to most out of my available space.

I also have wheels on the bench so that it can be moved for cleaning or indoors in the winter to use for my winter plants.

There are many potting tables and bench from a rustic look to beautifully hand crafted cedar or teak potting tables. Your home design, use and budget will determine what style you choose.

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