Garden tools: Types of Potting Tables and Benches

Potting tables also called potting benches have many uses. I know that my potting bench is an invaluable asset to my garden and backyard work area. My potting bench is one of the most useful garden tools I have – I would be lost without it.

There are two main concerns to consider when adding a potting table to your garden area, location and if it’s sturdy enough for how you intend to use it. Ideal potting tables will also have enough shelves and trays to store gloves and tools with sufficient workspace left for potting and planting.

Potting tables are also used for sorting seeds, mixing soil, and fertilizers.  When working with soils its best to have storage nearby and water for cleaning.

Another advantage of a potting table is for weather related problems. You can still plants and use the table in the winter, with additional heat and lighting. And if you have a cold and wet summer like my last summer you can have the table under cover and play in soil to you hearts content.

And if you want to interest children in gardening and plants, a potting table will give them a place to plants and play under supervision.

Types of potting table and potting benches

Cedar and Teak potting tables are lightweight and unlikely to crack.  They are also resistant to weather and insect attack.  Normally these potting tables are three feet high with strong storage compartments.  Cedar and teak have a look that will fit into a patio or balcony area and add to the atmosphere.

Aluminum potting tables are favored by many horticultural enthusiasts because they clean up well and being aluminum do not seem to have as many cleaning or disinfecting problems. Just spray and wipe down and its ready to go.  These tables are available with two sections or three sections. My potting bench is wood but the sinks, which are located under a worktop, are aluminum.

Tip: Sinks in a potting table speed up cleaning garden vegetable, watering plants and cleaning garden pots.

There are also plastic potting tables. These tend to be the most reasonably priced. I can honestly say I know very little about them.

Wood potting tables are also widely used. My potting bench is handmade from rustic wood and sealed for water. It has aluminum sinks and a water source that is two foot away. It is very durable and cleans up well. And being made from rustic wood it matches my patio area. Its also has wheels on the legs so that it can be used indoors in the winter or outdoors.

My potting bench is my gardener’s play station where I can spend hours enjoying my plants and planning my garden areas.

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