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Gardening has always been one of the top ranked hobbies in America and with our economy and more people staying at home there is a marked increase in gardening sales. And with any other hobby or home-related project, there are trends that gardens and backyard décor follow.  Yellow and White Daffodils
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This year there are many different flower varieties and color combinations. The growing interest in green gardening and community gardens has brought new life and  a new swing in garden art and décor. With a few small changes your garden area can be kept current with little extra cost.

One suggestion I would make is to get your flower and vegetable seeds as early as possible, particularly potato and onion sets . With the increase in backyard gardens there will be a shortage of popular seeds and plants quickly.

Three Garden Trends for 2009

There are more than three changes but these seem to be making the biggest impact in garden décor. Color, color combinations and garden art.

Color and Color Combination

For many years the soft pastels have been in. This year the hotter color you create in the garden the more “in” it will be. You will see a mix of yellow, red and orange with splashes of white for emphasis and contrast. Hot gardens with these three colors will make wonderful accent theme gardens, planters and windowsill gardens.

And for a refreshing garden, mixes of yellow and white will be used. The mix of these two colors is energetic but the added white will also calm and cool the garden area giving it a welcoming look. The yellow and white garden also leans heavily on art pieces and the backyard patio and furniture adding to the color theme.

I saw a rustic old bench that would not have been looked at twice painted a pale yellow with white trim and the piece became the focal pint of the small garden and pond area. The bench was also picked up at an auction for a few dollars.

You can also repaint your pots and planters for the new color theme. The added benefit of yellow is it related so well to the shades for green in the gardens and yard.

Garden Art

Garden art is taking center stage in the garden this year. Antique to modern it all seems to fit. And sculpture is being added to most gardens with an emphasis on creating you own.

And for those of you who love the garden gnome, buddha  statues are replacing them in popularity and in  gardens.

As with all gardens, your primary taste will set the garden, but a splash of the new colors will add to your home. With the high costs of travel and the economy the backyard is becoming more important for relaxing and entertaining so you may want to look at the new ideas and garden colors in plants and garden décor this year

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