Gardening as Therapy and gift to the community

There was an article written in the Eureka Reporter in Eureka, Calif., about Marylee Bytheriver  who lives in Eureka. It was publish November 3o, 2007.

Its all about Ms. Bytheriver and her garden and how she enjoys working the property. When she and her husband first purchased the property there was no garden and not much of a yard, but Marylee started working the soil and by using composting techniques improved the property and set about growing plants. She also installed a drip watering method to make the garden work minimal.

She has enjoyed the growth of the garden and the neighbors reaction to her plants.  As it states in the writeup she considers her garden therapy and her gift to the community. It gives her great joy to see people smile as they take in the color and beauty of the garden. They travel quite a distance to view her gardens.

She feel a lot like me when it comes to gardening being a therapy. Sunshine, fresh air, exercise and enjoying the yard all make gardening fun. Yes, it’s work but even the work can be minimized with proper planning. The minute gardening stops being fun is when you step back and see how to simplify it.

Plus you can control time in the garden by how much you plant. Try planting a window sill garden, terrarium or container gardening if time is limited.

Bytheriver also uses found items as garden art. She has lined some of her gardens with wine bottle collected from a recycling center and has metal sculptures and newel posts in her yard. She even uses broken plates to line one of her garden areas. I have done this also and like the look.

Another friend of mine used plates and embedded them into a wall she was making. It’s a cross between mosaic and collage.  It took her about three years to finish the project.

Bytheriver uses many inventive garden techniques and plays with color schemes in the garden. She also tries to have something growing all year long in the garden.

If you would like to check out the entire rest article and catch more of her garden tips follow this link:

The future 

As with all die hard gardeners they have something new in the garden each year and love to share there ideas and tips with gardeners.  Bythervievers gardens continue to change abd grow and as long as people continue to enjoy the plants I’m sure there will be a garden.

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2 responses to “Gardening as Therapy and gift to the community”

  1. Candy

    It’s nice that people want to share their gardens and realize the importance of gardening to communities and the environment. Nice article and interesting lady! Candy

  2. Tony

    I like the suggestions of wine bottles and plates as garden art. Many people overlook the small touches that create a unique and interesting garden. Nice articles, both yours and the link!

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