Gardening Event for The Gardener’s Rake and Backyard Oasis

This summer has been difficult in NW PA. Between cold nights, too much rain and flooding the gardens and yards have suffered. The most you can do is make the best of it. Or ignore it for a bit 😉Long's Nursery
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It’s also made me plan more for the future. I have switched most of my gardens to container gardens where I can move the containers indoors on cold nights. I have made raised beds that can be covered in colder weather and are protected from floods and can also be covered when we have too much rain.

The raised beds are being moved near a pond for easy watering and piping has been has been planned into the design for easy watering in case of drought. The uses of rain barrels for collecting excess rain are also in the plans.

And I have also switched to move “gardening under glass. I will be able to extend my gardening season, try new plants and hopefully be able to handle any climate problems that come my way.

I don’t know if it was global warming that lead to our horrendous summer or lack of summer but gardens and trees have really suffered this year.

I also suffered heavy loss due to flooding and property damage.

For this reason The Gardener’s Rake and its sister site, Backyard Oasis will have a week of topics covering how to deal and plan your backyard, front yard and garden areas for weather that is less than perfect.

Join us next week (August 24th, 2009) for topics on:

  • Raised Bed Gardening
  • Gardening under Glass
  • Dry Creeks
  • The Moveable Garden
  • Climate problems
  • Surviving drought
  • landscape ideas
  • and more.

My front yard backyard and garden areas are also being totally redone due to property damage.

The projects will probably last into next year but will be covered online. Ideas for healthy plants and trees will also be covered. I hope that these ideas will help you if you end up in a situation like I have.

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