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I garden to be close to nature, grow chemical free food and to craft and create from my garden. Gourds are one crop that offer endless opportunities to make useful items and total art pieces, each unique to its own history and characteristics.

I just stumbled upon a gourd artist, Amy Goldman, who uses a very unique bronze casting technique on gourds. I was looking for information on a gourd variety called Bule gourd and found her work These pieces are beautiful and just go to show how art and nature interconnect in so many ways.

I have included the story and the link to the original story and gourd photographs are at the bottom of the article.

Amy Goldman’s Rare Forms
The New York Botanical Garden: Review

Bule Pear
The unusual texture of the Bule Pear gourd is captured in Amy Goldman’s distinctive bronze sculpture. Bule Pear (Lagenaria siceraria) is a hard-shelled gourd native to Africa.

A passionate gardener, seed saver, author, and advocate for heirloom fruits and vegetables, Amy Goldman has created a series of stunning bronze sculptures cast from the harvest of heirloom treasures she grows in her legendary garden. Each piece captures the unique shape and texture of a gourd, tomato, or melon, revealing its sensuous and ageless beauty. Goldman has bestowed on this line of limited-edition bronzes the apt name “Rare Forms.”

Amy Goldman teamed up with Polich Tallix, a fine arts foundry, to produce her sculptures. The pieces are created through the ancient “lost wax” process, used for thousands of years by artists in Egypt and China. This painstaking technique is the only one capable of reproducing in bronze the allure of these marvelous shapes.

Besides creating beautiful art from gourds, Amy Goldman shares my interest in heirloom seeds and growing organically. Make sure to check her work out.

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  1. Sherry

    This is a interesting gourd. I would like to try the Bule gourd. Amy Goldman’s worl with gourds is beautiful! Sherry

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