Greenhouse Auction: Plants Galore and Great Buys

Auctions are fun. You meet great people and find great deals. And one of the most unique auctions I went to was a local greenhouse auction. Due to illness the greenhouse had a huge auction and deleted their inventory.

As I would like to start a gardening business I headed up to look for bargains. And what bargains I found. I came home with a car so packed I hardly had room to steer the vehicle.

My purchases included 12 bushes, more than 88 perennial plants, strawberry plants, seven flats of annuals, vines, vegetables plants, and 4 hanging planters. And I purchased all of this for 84 dollars.

There was a festive air at the auction with plant and nature lovers selecting plants, shrubs and trees for their yards and gardens. The crowd numbered more than 300 people at first and getting to some of the areas for bidding could be challenging. The perennials seemed to draw the largest crowds.

Bringing home this many plants at one time created quite a rush at my house. I used a trench method for a few of the plants to at least give them a temporary home and rototilled up a new area for the perennials until the fall when I will give then a permanent home.

The strawberry garden goes in tomorrow. I had to make sure the ground was properly prepared for strawberries so that they will grow well and stay healthy. I also built a raised circular bed out of foraged bricks for the strawberries. The vegetables have been planted and the annuals have been potted up for a garden sale.

At this time of year you will find garden centers and greenhouses having end of season sales. It’s a great time to pick up perennials and extra pots for next year.

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