Groundcovers add beauty and ease to your yard and gardens

Groundcovers serve any purposes and once established they are easy to maintain. There are also many ground cover that vary in size and that often times have flowers or vibrant colors in the leaves.


Groundcovers are low growing plants between the heights of three to 12 inches high. They can produce berries, flowers, have brightly colored foliage and often have wonderful texture that adds depth to your garden and yard areas.


I personally like herbs as ground covers. I like the look and many have a wonderful aroma that adds to the garden. The many varieties of thyme are among my favorite herb ground covers. 


Gardeners and landowners for the following reasons use ground covers.

  • Low maintenance
  • No mowing
  • They rarely need watering
  • They provide texture and color to your yard
  • They are great for steep slopes
  • They help stabilize soils
  • They choke out most weeds
  • They will grow under most trees where other plants and grass will not grow
  • They work well in hard to mow places such as tree roots that stick up and rocky areas


When choosing ground covers you will need to consider:


  • Light requirements (many groundcovers thrive in part to full shade)

  • Pest resistance

  • Hardiness

  • If the ground cover will need much care and if it will become invasive

  • Whether the plant is native to the area. Non-native plants often create challenges and need more time spent on them.


I grow ground covers near my creek bank, on a few impossible slopes, and under some of my trees. I am considering adding some in a rock pathway I am constructing in my backyard. Ground covers have become an important part of my yard because they add color, beauty and take less time to maintain

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2 responses to “Groundcovers add beauty and ease to your yard and gardens”

  1. lostlandscape

    Nice introduction to groundcovers and their benefits! I’ve had patches of bare earth where I spent endless hours weeding, as well as other areas where groundcover keeps down almost all unwanted plant life. Finally it clicked…the bare earth spots are slowly getting groundcovered…

  2. Denise

    Ground covers just add a little peace of mind for those difficult areas we all have in our yards and they save time! They are a must in my yard and gardens. Denise

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