Grow an herb garden in the city.

Even if you live in a city you can have a small herb garden. An herb garden is a good choice because they are easy to care for and you can use the herbs in you cooking.

You will need pots, potting soil, a selection on herbs and plastic wrap. Herbs like sun so find a sunny place in your apartment. More than likely this will be in front of a window or on a windowsill.

If you sit the plants on the sill, put a tray or individual pot holders under each pot. If you decide to use a table under the window choose an older table, preferably one from a sale. Herbs can be messy so an older table with character will be perfect. This is good excuse to go to an auction, flea market or sale to pick up a used but useable table.

Another trip to Wal-Mart, a local nursery, florist or grocery store should get you what you need in herb plants.

For garden pots my favorite thing to do is to go to Goodwill and find unique pots. In other words, anything that will hold dirt! I have used old bottles, shoes, wooden containers… what ever catches my eye!

Five different herbs is a good selection to start with. It will give you a nice sampling without overrunning your apartment. Mint, Basil, Thyme, Oregano and chives are a few herbs that you might select. Rosemary and Lavender are also nice but take more care. In the summer I would add a hanging plant of nasturtiums. It will add color and nasturtiums are edible.

Setting up you herb garden

To plant your herbs place pebbles in the bottom of your new pots to promote good drainage, half an inch should do. Add some potting soil. Usually you fill the pot half full of potting soil. Take you herb plant out of the pot it came in and plant in a different pot that is just a little bigger. This will give the herbs roots room to expand and grow. Add more soil around the plant until your pot is full. Firm the soil and give your plants a light watering.

Plant tips

Often when I first replant a new plant I will put a plastic bag around the plant and fasten shut at the top. Place a plastic stick in the pot to hold the plastic off the plant. This gives the plant a greenhouse effect and will aid in the plant adjusting quicker to its new home. Two days in long enough and this step isn’t necessary, it just aids in readjusting and cuts back on plant shock.

I place my pots on top of pots, dishes or tray that hold pebbles. This helps with humidity, controlling drainage and water overspill problems if they occur.

Rotate you plants a quarter of a turn every two weeks. It will keep them growing evenly as the plants will try to reach out to the sun and start to lean.

I usually underwater my plants form the base. Watering from the top can lead to mildew on the top of the soil. If you water from the top you can prevent this by watering occasionally with Chamomile tea. You should break up the top of the soil occasionally too to help the soil breath.

Finally, enjoy your plants. If you used unusual plants you will have a unique garden. You can also add some figurines in the top of plants or around them to add interest.

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2 responses to “Grow an herb garden in the city.”

  1. Gaetane Ross

    Your articles are so good,I wish you lived near me so you could teach me how to grow my own herb garden,I’ve wanted one for so long
    Gaetane :0

  2. Julie

    Great article! Love the plastic bag idea, never heard of that before. I love fresh herbs-will use your ideas! THanks


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