Growing Leaf and Head lettuce – Luttuce know the facts

Lettuce is one of the earlier crops to plant in your garden. It thrives in cooler weather. You can also grow it successfully in cold frames to extend your growing season. 

There are the leaf varieties and head lettuce. I myself have found the leaf lettuce easier to grow but it needs harvested almost every day to grow well and not turn bitter in warmer weather. I also plant a fresh crop every two weeks. This is one crop I plant near the door and in containers. It’s easier to take care of plus I have fresh garden salad at arms length. 

Head lettuce takes 60 to 90 days to grow depending on the variety. I start my head lettuce in April and will start a few more heads in August for a late fall crop. For more information check this site out:

For my lettuce crops in the summer, which are mostly leaf lettuce, I plant the plants on the cooler side of my house.  Or I will plant them near tall plants that will shade them from the summer sun. For more information check this site:

Lettuce is a heavy feeder so use a compost fertilizer to ensure a good crop. You can also rotate crops particularly with leaf lettuce. I will replant leaf lettuce areas with radishes, beans or a second crop of cucumbers. 

Lettuce Facts

  • Lettuce leaves consist of 95% water by weight. This is what makes the lettuce crisp.

  • The average American consumes over 30 pounds of lettuce every year

  • Lettuce is a member of the daisy family. It first became popular back in Greek and Roman times. They believed that lettuce salads enhanced the appetite in preparation for their gigantic feasts.

  • Lettuce has been in cultivation since at least 550 B.C.

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