Growing Thyme, Starting thyme indoors or outdoors

I find Thyme to be a fascinating herb and beautiful plant. There are so many different varieties and they have such a variety of aromas and foliage. It makes growing them an adventure. Richter’s seed catalog is carrying 22 different varieties this year.  Add Thyme to your herb gardening plants this year. Tomillo sobre tomillo / Thyme over thyme
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You can plant Thyme seeds directly into your garden but I find starting them indoors is easier and I have more control over the plants. I plant too much on purpose and trade my additional plants for other herbs and flowers.

Indoor herb seed planting

I usually plant several seeds in each pot, water well and cover with plastic. It’s not necessary to use plastic but I find my plants germinate quicker and I water less often. pathway - october
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Choose a sunny southern for your pots to set and sit back and wait. Once the thyme had germinated remove the plastic. Thin out the healthiest plants when the seedlings have two true leaves. Water when the plants are dry

Outdoor herb seed planting

Choose a spot with full sun exposure. Thyme grows best in light, relatively dry soils. I mix my soil with additional sand to get a drier soil for the plants. 

Plant your thyme seeds according to the packets directions. It will take about a week for the seedling to appear. When the plants have two true leaves thin out the plants leaving eight to 12 inches between the seedlings.

I mix thyme in with my drought resistant flowers to emphasis the flowers brilliant colors. I also grow them in the front of my house where the sun beats down heavily all day and most flowers don’t do well. Thyme also grows well and look great in hanging baskets.

Thyme is native to arid regions and will grow best with very little maintenance. It’s important not to over water them and they actually thrive with little attention. I usually only water my thyme if I am having a drought in the summer and then only once a week.

Thyme is used as a seasoning and also has many medicinal properties. It’s one of my favorite herbs to dry and I make my own tea blends with several different thyme varieties.

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