Growing Yarrow: Herb, dried flower and useful weed.

Yarrow is one of my favorite plants. It is considered a weed by many but has many herbal, crafting and flower uses.

I plant yarrow in my wildflower and perennial beds. Yarrow is a perennial hardy up to zone 3. Once established it will return year after year with little care needed. It has soft, frilly green foliage and groups of delicate white flowers make it similar to baby’s breath.

I dry yarrow and use it in artwork and in dried arrangements. What is particularly useful with yarrow is that once it is dried you can spray the flower heads different colors, which makes it very useful in flower arrangements or glued to wreaths. Yarrow comes in other pastel colors if you buy plants or seeds from a nursery. I myself just use that I have foraged and moved from the property.

Yarrow also attracts needed insects to your garden. Lady beetles and predatory wasps swarm to yarrow. These insects are not harmful to garden plants and eat other insects, which can be harmful to your garden. Yarrow also attracts butterflies to your garden.

Medicinal uses

Make a medicinal herbal infusion with yarrow to treat a variety of ailments. Yarrow contains many oils and alkaloids including linalool, camphor, salicylic acid, azulene and tannins useful for both internal and external medicinal application. Make the infusion by placing a handful of fresh yarrow flowers or foliage in a pint of boiling water. Boil for 30 minutes.
Drink a cup of the infusion to help reduce fevers and relieve pain. The salicylic acids in yarrow are similar to the active ingredients in aspirin and work as natural pain relievers and fever reducers.

Let the infusion cool and soak a rag in the liquid for external use. Apply the rag to wounds to prevent inflammation or to already inflamed areas to reduce swelling. The azuliene in yarrow is an anti-inflammatory.

NOTE: Always use care when using any herb. You may have an allergy to the plant or it may affect medicine that you take. Do research and ask questions.

Yarrow has been grown in my gardens for over 10 years and will continue to be an important “must have” plant.

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