Hanging Basket Gardens: Turn your world green.

Hanging gardens add color to your porches or decks and have a free feel when the tendrils blow in the wind. By bringing greenery into your living space you add depth to your home and it seems to add to your living space.

Decide where you want to put your garden. If you are working with limited space Window boxes will work well on windowsills. You can find flowerboxes with grooves to fit on top of deck railings. The grooves help keep them from falling over. You may even have flowerboxes built if you want your garden inside choose a wall where you will hang flowerboxes and supply proper lighting. This makes a wonderful unique look. Add a large mirror to emphasis the plants and reflect the lighting.

Next it’s time to decide what you want in your garden. Will it be annuals, Perennials, fragrant flowers, plants with color or a little of all?

Annuals such as begonias, wave petunias and firetail have brilliant flowers that cascade in weeping branches. Alyssum, also known as “sweet alyssum”, has a wonderful evening fragrance.

Perennials include the lilac-colored Molinae and thick, bushy, Trailing Antique Rose and potato vines to mention a few. I also like to mix in many of the popular houseplants.

It’s important to find out which flowers will work with your climate, if you plan on having your garden outdoors. There are tons of beautiful hanging flowers but you need to consider your climate. Talk to a garden store employee, check sites online and make your own decision.

One other selection you may consider is an edible hanging garden. Fresh vegetables, strawberries and herbs are good choices. I have even grown beans as a hanging garden and they did well.

The most important thing to having a hanging garden is to choose the right plants and keep it simple. A garden is meant to be enjoyed.

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