Hanging Baskets – Add color and fun to your porch and deck

This is the time of year many people are planning their hanging baskets for porches and decks. Here are a few useful tips for great looking plants.

  1. Hanging baskets look nice with a variety of color and heights. If you choose mostly upright plants try to include a few plants that will vine over the side. Morning glories, any vine, or petunias will add the draping look, which add depth to your basket design.

  2. Use good soil in your baskets. Plants placed as closely as they are will need good soil to flower the entire season.

  3. To help plants in hanging baskets and containers continue flowering, choose a liquid plant food fertilizer. 15-30-15 is a good choice.  Fertilize the established containers and hanging basket plants at least once a week. I myself use a compost fertilizer.

  4. Hanging baskets take a lot of water, Water daily to keep them flowering. You can also add straw to the bottom of the basket to retain moisture and make the basket lighter. Some people use Styrofoam peanuts to make the baskets lighter.

  5. Use a watering can with a long spout to get the water deep into the basket. You can also take the plants off the porch or deck and sit on a bench to water.

  6. If you have your baskets in direct sun choose plants that are drought resistant. They will not need as much water.

  7. Rotate your hanging baskets a quarter turn once a week. This will keep them growing and flowering evenly.

  8. For a litle fun try a different style of hanging baskert or add pottery pieces to you flower arrangements.

 With a little care and attention you can have beautiful hanging baskets all season long.

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