Have too many Plants? Have a plant sale.

I always have extra plants after starting my seedlings for my garden so I have a plant sale and it’s quite successful.

Actually my plants sales last for several weekends. I plan at least plant sale to be held along with a garage sale and advertise plants, arranged containers, garden art pieces and collectibles.

My garden extras usually include, gourds, squash, tomatoes, peppers, greens, cucumbers and a large variety of extra flowers. I also have perennials and herbs thinned out from the gardens and extra plants form the neighbors. You may even have nighbors who would like to bring some plants to sell.

It helps to have a larger selection of plants.  So if you’re thinking of having a plant sale you may want to start some plants, dig a few up or talk to your neighbors. In the spring many gardeners are weeding out their perennials and it’s hard for them to toss those plants out. They will give them to you or trade you for other plants that you might have too many of.

If you want you can buy in bulk at a home-and-garden store or nursery, but you can also forage for plants and check at greenhouses for castaway plants. Also look for ornamental shrubs and hearty perennials. These plants catch people’s attention.

One of my favorite reasons for having a plant sale is to talk to gardeners and share ideas and gardening tips. I also like making floral pots and containers. If this idea interests you look for pots and containers at thrift stores, five-and-dime stores and auctions.

My container plantings are often in unusual pots. Teapots with missing lids, old car parts, wood boxes, basically anything I find! Make your own containers out of discarded wood, window frames or hollow rotted logs. One of my best selling containers each year is old
dresser drawers filled with plants. They make great mini raised bed gardens and they sell as fast as I fill them. Just make sure that you drill holes in any pot or container you have for proper drainage.

Pricing your plants can be challenging. If I have a lot of one plant the price is very reasonable. Most other plants are a little less than I would pay at a greenhouse or store. I know more about the care and background of my plants so I usually think they are better and healthier plants than you will purchase other places. I also grow many plants that cannot be purchased in local stores.

It’s important to advertise a plant sale. You want to move your plants as quickly as possible so you don’t have to water and store them any longer than necessary. I place an ad in the newspaper and let the local garden clubs know I am having a sale. Also post ads on Craig’s list and online classifieds announcing the sale.

One other helpful item to have is as many flat cardboard boxes as you can to hold plants. The plants will pack up better and travel safer in a cardboard box.

After this years plant sale I plan of taking the money and buying shrubs and a few fruit trees for the yard.

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