Help a Community Garden or project out with garden supplies

There are many groups and organizations that sponsor Community Gardens, Victory Gardens and Plant a Row for the Poor. These programs are beoming more important as gas prices soar and food shortages are beoming more of a problem in many countries. Global warming and climate changes are also becoming more apparent and affecting many areas.

The following list is a supply list needed by most organizations for gardening projects. Please consider helping a community garden program close to you.  

  • Used and repairable lawn and garden equipment such as hand tools, tillers and lawnmowers
  •  manure
  • Wheelbarrows
  • Seeds
  • Fuel allowance for garden tillers
  • Natural fertilizers and pesticides
  • Wood ashes
  • Snack allowance for children and senior citizens
  • Old metal lawn chairs
  • volunteers
  • land for gardening  

My brother had a pumpkin patch as a business for several years. During this time one of the most valuable lessons I learned was the importance of saving seeds. It only takes one or two years of bad weather and poor crops to fall short on the seeds that we need for gardens and crops around the world.


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