Helpful Container Grown Bulb Garden Tips

Container Grown Bulb Garden Tips

If you have problems with squirrels or moles in your container pots place chicken wire over the top of the container on the soil. The bulbs will grow through the wire but animals that like the tasty bulbs will not be able to get to them.  True or False?  Spring?
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You can force container bulb gardens to flower at a different time by exposing the bulbs to a cold period. Do this by either placing the bulbs in soil and a plastic bag in the refrigerator for a month or by placing the container in a very cold dark place. This works for forcing tulips and daffodils early for Easter and if you forgot to plant your bulbs at the right time.

Container bulb gardens make great gifts!

Bulbs will grow in hanging baskets and make a stunning focal point to decks, patios and balconies. Mix with hanging ivy or flowering vines for more interest.

Containers and hanging baskets dry out faster so be prepared to water you container garden more. You can add soil-retaining material to your soil, which are available from most gardening centers. You can also add mulch to the top of your containers to help hold moisture in. beginning of spring #3 // Frühlingsanfang #3
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A growing medium consisting of an equal mix of soil, sand, and compost will help promote better drainage for the container. It will also create healthier, more vigorous plant growth.

Containers make excellent focal points for gardens and homes. Tulips and Daffodils add color while hyacinths add fragrance to the container garden. Amaryllis and tuberous begonia provide long-lasting blooms and are very popular as an indoor container garden.

Many bulbs are best known for their beautiful foliage. Caladiums, cannas and elephant ears are a few examples. I must admit these are a few of my favorite bulbs. They add flair and a tropical feel to any garden or room.

Container grown bulb gardens allow you to be more creative with you backyard garden space, Mover these gardens around to create interest. You can also plan you bulbs to flower from spring to fall by selecting the right flowering bulbs. Your garden center will help you with this or check online.

Bulbs grown in containers and hanging baskets can be very successful and the arrangements and variations are only limited by your creativity.

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