Herb Gardening

Herb gardening will add a new look to gardening areas. But herbs seem to be misunderstood plants and are often overlooked. They are either grouped as a spice or as a weed. But herbs have many uses. Garden border
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They are beautiful plants that are hardy and easy to care for. They have crafting purposes, medicinal purposes, or culinary purposes. Their history goes back as far as records were kept and before. So when thinking about plants to add to your garden or flower beds include the herb.

What type of herb should you add to your garden? I personally think you should add a few of each variety. That would include culinary, herbal, crafting, annual and perennial. Each of these groupings are very general and your selection would be large. I would choose your favorites if you know herbs or go with the top three to five favorite varieties to begin with.

If you haven’t grown herbs before they are very easy to grow. Most herbs require less water than other plants and seem to grow in most soils. They also tend to have less insect problems, so herb gardening is a perfect choice for the beginning gardener. i never promised you an (h)erb garden
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Culinary herbs are an easy choice. What are your favorite herbs and seasonings? Oregano, Basil, Thyme and Sweet Marjoram are a few popular culinary herbs that many gardeners grow. You can try sesame or cinnamon but they are herbs that take a different climate and need more care to grow.

Medicinal herbs are plentiful but one that is beautiful and a wonderful addition to any garden is the perennial flower, Purple Coneflower. Many people grow St. Johns Wort, a delicate small flowered plant that grows into a small shrub. The list of medical herbs is long and which you choose depends on whether you are planting for the flower or for the medicinal herb properties. One word of caution if you are using the plants for medical reason, do a lot of research.

Crafting herbs also take in a large selection. It all depends on your crafting needs. Are you making soap, homemade paper, or natural dyes? So many of today’s popular crafts have an herb in the background. I must admit I grow more crafting dyes than any other herb. Lavender, rosemary, rosehips and roses, and horsehair are a few of my favorites.

You will also find a large selection of annual herbs and perennial herbs. I tend to mix the two and I grow them indoors and outdoors. They can be in the flower garden, vegetable gardens or herb garden

And one other area often overlooked with herbs are natural wild herbs. Plantain, Yarrow, Boneset, and Dandelion are a few of my favorites. Collecting wild herbs growing on my property is one of the most relaxing ways to spend a day.

Herb gardening is rewarding and a learning experience.  They are easy to grow both indoors, outdoors and in container gardens. Between their ease to grow and their many unique uses you will find that the herb is a must in any yard and garden area.

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4 responses to “Herb Gardening”

  1. Teriss

    Hey I sent this on a mission to buzzed up at yahoo- its that good!!!
    I am ready for spring and herbs are my favorite to add to summer dishes…

    buono!! appetito !!!

    Your article last year was very informative and all I have to do is figure out where to plant the herbs. Are you growing yours in a greenhouse?

    Teriss’s last blog post..The Top 5 Healthy Diet Plans

  2. Herbs are amazing plants and I just love to grow them all…. Fresh herbs just add so much to any meal. And the jams and jellies you can make. Pretty amazing.

    Most of my herbs are in the greenhouse at the moment and a few more are growing in the wild jungle, also known as the kitchen area.

    If your tight on space try windowsilll, hanging baskets and raised garden beds. You can fit those raised garden beds in anywhere! Denise

  3. Diana

    I agree fully Denise! Herb gardening is so much fun and home grown herbs are so much better than the ones bought at a store. I use lots of different herbs when cooking so I grow my own as well.


  4. Denise

    I never thought much about the freshness of herbs until I grew them. Its amazing the difference between sote bought and hoomegrown. I make a lot of my own tea blends.

    Herbs are also easy to grow and perfect for the gardening beginner.

    Thanks for stopping by, Denise

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