Herbal Kitchen Garden

A kitchen garden brightens any home, is easy to set up and has many benefits – especially for seasoning those family recipes.

The Gardener’s Rake is hosting an Herbal Kitchen Garden contest with Hometown Seeds supplying a wonderful prize of an “Herbal Kitchen Garden

This Kitchen garden seed set up will supply you with many of the most popular herbs used in cooking and homes.

*** The contest will last until Saturday, September 11. During this time you will find helpful tips for herb gardening and how to use herbs.

So how do you enter? And how do you win?

To enter send an email to emagnthat@yahoo.com. This is an address set up just for this contest.

You can send an email about your favorite herb, an herb garden adventure, herbal recipe or a couple of herb tips.

* The grand prize winner receives the Herbal Kitchen garden but everyone who winds gets a prize!

* Ten other people will get several of my favorite herbs. (These will be in handmade envelopes as I save a lot of seeds and these will be from my garden.)

* And everyone will get a PDF of all the great tips and entries to the contest.

So take a chance and ether the contest today. And check back here daily at the gardener’s rake and its sister site, Our Backyard Oasis for herbal tips and garden help.

Also check out Hometown Seeds. They have a wonderful selection of seeds for any gardener’s and home owners needs.

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