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Here is one more story associated with herbs and Christmas what was popular in our house growing up. We would always make the sachet bags the same day as we made Orange clove pomander balls

Gifts of the Magi Potpourri

The story goes that the three wise men, Caspar, Melchior, and Balthazar, kneeled at the crib of the baby Jesus bearing gifts.  By making a potpourri filled sachet you recreate the gifts of the Magi with simple symbolism. 

You will need to make or purchase small sachet bags. We always made them.  The Magi were elegant and wealthy, so make the sachet bags of fine satin, rich brocade or tapestry in regal colors.  You can have a lot of fun as a family creating these fancy sachets.

The potpourri recipe is below:   

1. Frankincense tears – a resin that flows in drops from trees in Yemen, East Africa, and the Red Sea Countries.  Balthazar offered his gift of frankincense, often used in religious ceremonies and symbolized prayer and sacrifice.

2. Gold – use gold glitter stars to represent the gift of gold that Caspar offered to the babe in the manger as well as the star of Bethlehem that they followed to find the manger.

3.  Myrrh – an aromatic gum, myrrh was believed to strengthen children. The wise man, Melchior brought the baby Jesus the gift of myrrh.

Place the gold, frankincense, and myrrh in the sachet bags, and offer as gifts to holiday visitors.  Open the sachets to release the luxurious fragrances of exotic lands. 

As you tell the story of the three wise men be sure to add that the magi did not make their way to the stable until the twelfth day after the birth of Jesus, which is known as Epiphany

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