Herbal Tea Theme Garden – Tea Garden Container Ideas

Setting up an Herbal Tea Container Garden

Strawberry plants in containers
Creative Commons License photo credit: ewen and donabel

To make this container garden more fun you may want to experiment with containers.

These are a few containers I have used before:

  • Old punch bowl and I even used some of the punch bowl cups
  • Old silver plate tea set
  • Old teapots and
  • Miss-matched teacups
  • Terra cotta pots covered with moss
  • Driftwood piece with pot set inside driftwood

Purchase or trade herb plants with friends. You will want to select healthy looking plants with healthy roots and soil that does not look diseased. Bring the plants home and lightly water.

Find suitable containers for your herbs and make sure they and clean and have proper drainage. This may mean adding a drainage hole in a cup or teakettle. Add fresh soil to the container and then add your herb plant. Press the soil in place and water.

Planting tip: Do not fill the container to the top with soil Leave a ½-inch area at the top of the pot to catch any excess water.

At this time I usually add a liquid fertilizer to help with any plant shock the herbs may have from being replanted.

I have started other herbs for friends in small glass punch cups and gave them as a gift. I have also done that with the miss-matched teacups. It makes a fast and cute gift idea. If the herb is a perennial, the gift will last for many years once planted in a larger container.
Creative Commons License photo credit: Mark Barry

Your own homemade tea blends have a fresh taste and can easily be changed daily for a change or for health purposes. A lemon tea blend always helps clear an oncoming cold.

Do you have any suggestions for a teapot garden container? I would love to hear them.

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