Herbal Terrariums – Indoor Herb Gardening

Make an Herbal Terrarium

Summer is over so lets bring in the herb garden! Terrariums make beautiful mini herb gardens you can enjoy any time of the year. If you have children or grandchildren they will enjoy watching the plants grow and like to lend a helping hand. Tolumina velutina on branch
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1. Choose a clear glass or plastic container with a large opening, or one with a removable top. To minimize the risk of plant disease, make sure the container is very clean. I clean with vinegar, rinse well and air dry. (I prefer glass containers)

2. Choose plants with similar requirements regarding humidity, light, soil type and water.

3. Pick plants that provide a variety of heights, textures, leaf sizes and colors. You can select as many as 12 plants for a 12-inch container, but don’t make the terrarium too cluttered. The plants will not grow as well if they are too crowded and will be more prone to disease.

4. Mix together three parts sterilized dry commercial potting soil and one part coal. Fill the container 1/4 full, keeping the sides clean. You can add to the fun of decorating the terrarium by collecting your own rocks from your yard and making rock borders. I have also used seashells and old figurines.

5. Place the taller plants towards the back slightly off center and fill in with smaller plants. This adds a balanced look, but keep a little interest in the arrangement too. A piece of driftwood also makes a great focal point.

6. Add water sparingly down the side of the container. Over watering creates mold and mildew problems, which brings diseases to your plants.

7. Use tap water that stood overnight to eliminate chlorine. Cover the terrarium and set it in indirect light. When a lot of moisture appears on the glass, remove the cover for a few hours.To maintain your terrarium, water only when the soil feels dry. Remove all faded flowers to prevent disease.

Terrariums are versatile and by adding a few new decorative items and changing plants you have a new look all the time.

Here are a few Herbs that do well in terrariums: Bunchberry, Corsican Mint, English Box (dwarf), Ebony Spleenwort (fern), Foamflower, Gotu Kola, Goatsbeard (dwarf), Herb Robert, Maidenfair (fern), Miniature Roses, Patridgeberry, Sweet Woodruff, Violets (Canada, Laborador, Parma and Sweet).

Most of all enjoy your terrarium. You may find that you add a cacti or veggie terrarium to your mini indoor garden too.

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  1. Toni

    The idea of an indoor Herb Terrarium is interesting. I can see my children being entertained and learning from this. Toni

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