Herbal Window Boxes and Herbal Pots – Herbal Gardening

Creating an Indoor Herb Box or Container Pots

Having fresh herbs on hand is possible at any time of year. An indoor herb box filled with herbs can benefit the entire family.

An indoor herb garden is a wonderful way to over winter many of your tender perennials. Dig up your favorite perennials and herbs before the frost stresses or damages them. I usually let them set a few days in an outer room and adjust to being moved indoors. During this time they are kept moist in a dirt box (spare box filled with a good mix of soil). You can plant the herbs in individual pots or use a window box. I use both.The individual pots are in the kitchen in different sized pot sitting on rocks to promote good drainage and humidity. This is my Herbal Artsy garden! I have fun experimenting with pots for different looks.

I have two Window Box Herb Gardens. One is an herbal window box and one has herbs for crafting.  If you’re using a window box be sure to have several drainage holes and use good quality potting soil to promote good drainage and soil that does not get soggy.

Place the box in a sunny spot, water when the herbs are dry and fertilize with an organic fish emulsion once a month. It’s easy to over water herbs indoors and this will create mold and soil problems. Keep the plants trimmed so that they will remain compact. They are easier to manage and besides you should be using them.

Turn the window box or pots around every couple of weeks to ensure even light and growth.

A few of my favorite window box themes are:

The Culinary Box with Parsley, Oregano, Sage, Thyme, Chives, Lemon Thyme & Basil. This is a must in a kitchen. These herbs will meet most cooking needs and fresh herbs are so much better than dried herbs

The Herbal Tea Box with Rose Scented Geranium, Peppermint, Rosemary, and Anise Hyssop & Lemon Balm. I keep a few of my favorite dried herbs that I mix in with the fresh herbs for great tea mixes.

The Aromatherapy Box with Lavender, Rosemary, Peppermint, Orange Scented Geranium & Lemon Verbena. This is great for crafting, dream pillows, creams, and so many other herbal creations.

The Remedies Box where you grow Lavender, Sage, Spearmint, Feverfew, Catnip and Calendula.

The ideas for herbal window boxes and herbal pots are endless! Herbal window boxes and garden pots will take your mind off the winter weather and let you play in the dirt.

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2 responses to “Herbal Window Boxes and Herbal Pots – Herbal Gardening”

  1. chris

    An Italian Herbal Box would be nice or a hanging basket idea. If the lighting was bright enough you could have a small grape tomato plnat in the mix. They don’t do as well as outdoors but you get enough for your own personal use.

    Great ideas. Bringing in the garden makes winter shorter! Chris

  2. I love the inspiration you provide for window box uses. It’s clear from your post that window boxes are not just for visual amusement. The idea that a window box garden can be a tranquil oasis that provides aromatherapy and herbal healing, or a small garden that satisfies the sense of taste with refreshing herbal teas and spices.

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