Herbs, Ten Reasons to Grow Herbs

If your new to gardening you may wish to make for first garden area an herb garden. they are easy to grow, look great and have many uses. Italian herb garden
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Below are ten reasons why to grow herbs

1.)   Most herbs are easy to grow and don’t need as much water as other plants. They rarely require organic fertilizers. In general you can almost ignore your herbs!
2.)   Fresh herbs that you grow are more flavorful than the dried herbs you can buy at the supermarket. Plus they have the benefits of enzymes that are lost with older stored herbs.
3.)   Herbs require little space and can be grown indoors. Some herbs prefer being grown indoors and that means you can have a small thriving mini herb-seasoning garden in you kitchen.
4.)   Herbs can take an average meal and turn it into a gourmet meal. By changing a few spices you can make one recipe into a new treat.
5.)   Herbs can improve your health. They have medicinal uses and are the base for many prescription drugs. Note: always use any herb with care if using as a treatment.
6.)   Herbs naturally repel pests. This helps to make them “low-maintenance.” They can also be used in the gardens and yard to prevent pest problems. Many organic gardeners use herbs in their gardens for preventative gardening problems and pest control.
7.)   Herbs add color and fragrance to your garden. Their rather wild look helps add interest to your plantings and they mix in well both in vegetable gardens and flower beds
8.)   Herbs have wonderful fragrances, which lend their selves to creating soaps and cosmetics.
9.)   Herbs can be dried and used in floral arrangements. They also have many other useful crafting purposes.
10.) Herbs grow well in containers so if you want a garden but have little space these are perfect plants to grow. With their uses as spices, cut flowers and for crafting; you have a multi–purpose garden

My gardens and yards are not complete without herbs.

Herbs are a perfect choice to grow because of their low maintenance.  They also mix in with other plants so well that they fill in garden holes and work well in areas with difficult landscaping needs.

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2 responses to “Herbs, Ten Reasons to Grow Herbs”

  1. Greenhousecarol

    Denise, thanks for your comments on my blog. Just thought I would share with you a family favourite recipe I just posted using Sage. One more reason to grow herbs. This is such a quick and easy recipe, I hope you try it.
    .-= Greenhousecarol´s last blog ..Use Your Garden Sage: Try this Tuscan White Beans with Garlic and Sage Recipe =-.

  2. Thanks for sharing the recipe. I will have to give it a try. The more I work with sage in the gardens the more I like it. Wonderful herb!
    .-= Denise´s last blog ..Hydroponic Indoor Gardening =-.

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