House Plants – choosing a proper flower pot or container

It’s almost time for spring flowers and additional flowers for your porch and yard. If your like me a few of these plants always come indoors after summer is over so its important to have flower pots and containers ready for the new season. It’s important to purchase a container of the appropriate size, style and material for you plant. The right container will encourage healthy plant growth and add color and personality to your décor.

Make sure to buy flowerpots that are the right size. Small pots tend to dry out quickly and will inhibit proper root growth. Root bound plants will not grow well and often die from disease. Some plants, like ivy, geraniums and ferns will grow well in fairly small containers. Plants that are shrub or tree like and vegetables require large containers that are called 2 gallons containers to grow and stay healthy.

It is very important to make sure pots have adequate drainage holes. Improper drainage can cause root rot and eventual plant death. If you select a pot with no drainage holes add them yourself with a drill. I use trays or dishes under all my pots and containers and usually have pebbles in the trays to make sure my plants drain water properly. Pebbles also add humidity around a plant, which is beneficial to plants.

Choose you flower pots to accent your home or create a new mood or feeling. Glazed ceramic pots add color and there is a wide selection of sizes and colors. Wood pots add a rustic air while terra cotta pots complement Mediterranean and southwestern yards. I have a preference for terra cotta myself.

Concrete and terra cotta pots containing large plants are very heavy and difficult to transport so if you select them keep this in mind.

Its also best to consider which flower pots will withstand exposure to the elements. Plastic pots can deteriorate, wooden pots can fade and rot, Terra cotta pots often dry out in direct sunlight so require the plants are watered more.

Container tips:

  • if you cannot place plants in the shade, consider using concrete, resign or fiberglass pots or grow drought-resistant cacti and succulents in terra cotta and clay containers.
  • People who move often or who live in cold climates should put bulky plants in lightweight fiberglass containers painted to look like concrete. When its time to move the plants to a new home or indoors to protect them for a freeze or winter weather your back will appreciate the lighter planters.
  • All flower pot and container don’t have to be a genuine Pot. Have fun and use an old teapot, boot or what ever catches you eye. Just make sure it has good drainage!

A pot is a plants home, which most people don’t think about. It needs cleaned and checked to see that it’s still the proper size for the pot. Plants also require daily attention and their life depends on your judgment and care, so be kind to your plants.

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