House Plants – How to fertilize Indoor House Plants

In the winter most house plants need less water and don’t need fertilized. It’s more of a time of rest for the plants.

When spring is about to arrive the plants begin to perk up. You may notice more of a shine to their leaves and new growth. It’s time to give them fertilizer to start their new year of growing off its best advantage.

  • Select a liquid fertilizer formulated for houseplants. Use as directed during the growing season, which is spring and summer. I myself use my own fertilizer mix. I tend to stay away from any chemicals. I usually use a compost tea or nettle tea.
  • You are going to want to thoroughly water and fertilize this plant so remove the plant from its saucer and place it in an area where water can run freely through the soil, such as in a sink or bathtub. I clean the saucer with baking soda at this time.
  • Pour the fertilizer solution onto the surface of the soil. Make sure it flows from the pot’s drainage hole. This means you have thoroughly soaked the soil and the roots should have all been saturated too.
  • Allow the water to drain through the pot thoroughly before replacing the plant on its saucer.

An easier quicker way is to use a slow-release fertilizer that comes in granules or spikes. Apply the product according to label directions.

I use both methods depending on the plant. If I feel it really needs a good fertilizing I soak the pot and plant. If it just needs re-awakened, I use fertilizer spikes.

Plants do need fertilizer to grow and stay healthy. Just follow the directions and use only in the spring and summer.

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