House plants – Plant lighting needed for healthy plants

If you master lighting and watering houseplants are easy to grow and add beauty and personality to a room. They also help clean air so are very beneficial in well sealed houses and businesses.

Most plants will come with a growing tag that says how much light they need. You can also look this information up in a good houseplant book or manual. But here is an easy way to determine the amount of light plants need in your house.

  • Low-light plants require lighting from window that gets its light from a north-facing window.
  • Medium light plants require light from an east- or west-facing window.
  • Plants that have high light requirements need light from a south-facing window.
  • Plants that require high-light levels will need to grow under fluorescent lights.

There is a simple way to test the light your plant will receive from any given window. Place a piece of white paper near the location you plan to set your plant. Then place your hand about 12 inches from the paper and between the light source and the paper.

  • If you barely see the shadow the area has low light.
  • You have moderate light if you see a shadow, but the edges are fuzzy.
  • If you see a distinct shadow, the location has high light.
  • If you have bought a plant that requires high-light on the label make sure you have a good fluorescent light.

Plants that have the right lighting. proper water and are checked for insects and other plant diseases will live for years. I have had plants for more than15 years and have one that is over 40 years that belonged to my grandmother.

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2 responses to “House plants – Plant lighting needed for healthy plants”

  1. Teri

    I thought this was a good time to ask you a question I have a rubber tree plant about 4-5 feet high that sits facing east near the doors that lead outside to the back yard. Its sprouting some leaves already ..since spring is in the air, and seems to be doing well. I am a total dunce at plants and I need to repot it, what type of soil do I use, and is this the best location for this plant.
    Thanks so much, I need plant help. lolol..

  2. admin

    Hi Teri,
    Rubber plants prefer bright light but are adaptable to low light. They grow best with the morning light from an east window. ( sounds like you chose a good location)They do well in warm to average room temperatures. The ideal temperatures are 60 to 65 ° F at night and 75 to 80 ° F during the day.

    Water rubber trees thoroughly, but let the soil dry somewhat between waterings. The soil mix should be a well-drained houseplant mix. Rubber trees prefer humid conditions, but tolerate the dry air common in homes.

    Fertilize regularly with a water-soluble houseplant fertilizer during active growth. Plants that are in lower light should be fertilized less often. Since you are seeing new leaves its time to fertilize.

    Rubber trees may grow tall and lanky indoors. You can support them with a stake or prune them in spring to rejuvenate. Propagate new plants by stem or tip cuttings or air layering. Re-pot in late winter or early spring if needed. I always put pebbles in the bottom odf a pot to make sure the pot is draining well. I believe that poor water drainage is one the plants worst enemies and leads to disease

    Wash the leaves with water when they get dusty to keep them attractive and help your plant stay healthy.

    I hope this helps and I think you are probably are a great plant grower!

    Check out my re-potting article too:

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