How Did your Garden Grow?

How did your garden season turn out?

Here in NW Pa the rain and cold ended many crops early and quite a few people just turned the gardens under and will plan for a more successful garden next season. Maple (Koishikawa Botanical Gardens)
Creative Commons License photo credit: kanegen

I moved most of my gardens under glass or used raised beds so my crops lived. They didn’t have as large of crops as usual but there were fresh vegetables.

And there are very few apples in the area this year. I have many trees so there will be apples but not the large selection I usually have. I also will not be pressing apple cider. But blueberries are doing well so I will freeze some of those to put away for those cold winter days.

When planning for next year you may want to look at using raised beds for easier gardening and the ease of covering your crops against too much rain or cold nights.

By adding plastic piping that can be bent in a U shape you can make a tunnel and cover it with plastic for cold and rain protection. I may even have to cover the gardens soon for frost protection.

Yes, a few places just above me may get their first frost in August! They are calling for possible frost in upstate New York.Cradle
Creative Commons License photo credit: lepiaf.geo

So tell me how your garden turn out and do you plan to plant a winter garden? It’s amazing what you can grow indooors in the winter.

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2 responses to “How Did your Garden Grow?”

  1. Chester Bealles

    As I told you recently, my garden this past year was WONDERFUL !! There were so many tomatoes from my 19 plants that I could not use or can them fast enough, even when I was giving them away. The vine crops did well(3 gallon of pickles put up), and bushels of peppers, and string beans. The strawberries were a disappointment, but the blackberries made up for it.

    Now what should I plant different this year? We are going to stay with the veggies above, but is there something exciting and EASY to grow? I am a mechanic, not a gardener.

    Thank you for all your help, and I am sure we will be talking in the near future.

  2. Denise

    Hey Papa Bealles!

    When considering a new crop there are two questions (three actually 😉 ) to consider. What do you like in vegetables? What are the more expensive vegetable to buy? And what vegetable or fruit is fun to grow?

    Peas, beans, squash, tomatoes, peppers, lettuce or greens and corn are among the more popular veggies. So they are always a crop that could be grown. Expensive or hard to find crops are good to grow. It will save you money.

    Do you use onoins or scallions? Garlic?

    I like ornamental beans or scarlet runner beans. A bean for drying would be good. Popcorn is a different crop. I’ll grow carrots in a bushel basket but not in the ground. ( I don’t like digging up crops) I like winter squash as it keeps well.

    You might want to consider a few herbs to grow in the gardens. They repel insects, can be used for seasonings and often add beauty to the garden area. fresh basil for your tomatoes is a must. Dill repells many insects but might spread and borage has many uses and also repels insects.

    And I always like a fun crop or two. I have grow gourds, cotton, broom corn, ornamental corn peanuts and other slightly different crops.

    I like growing corn but the raccoons like it too and create havoc in the yard. I also like growing pumpkins. Particularly if you have small children in the family.

    I’ll look up fun and easy crops for the garden.

    Strawberries can be a challenge to grow the first year. They need a properly prepared garden bed. My first attempt at them was a disaster. I killed them all!

    It does sound like you had a great garden. And if you’re like me a great tomato crop is essential to a successful garden. its my favorite veggie and the heirloom varieties have the best taste.

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