How Did your Garden Grow?

How did your garden season turn out?

Here in NW Pa the rain and cold ended many crops early and quite a few people just turned the gardens under and will plan for a more successful garden next season. Maple (Koishikawa Botanical Gardens)
Creative Commons License photo credit: kanegen

I moved most of my gardens under glass or used raised beds so my crops lived. They didn’t have as large of crops as usual but there were fresh vegetables.

And there are very few apples in the area this year. I have many trees so there will be apples but not the large selection I usually have. I also will not be pressing apple cider. But blueberries are doing well so I will freeze some of those to put away for those cold winter days.

When planning for next year you may want to look at using raised beds for easier gardening and the ease of covering your crops against too much rain or cold nights.

By adding plastic piping that can be bent in a U shape you can make a tunnel and cover it with plastic for cold and rain protection. I may even have to cover the gardens soon for frost protection.

Yes, a few places just above me may get their first frost in August! They are calling for possible frost in upstate New York.Cradle
Creative Commons License photo credit: lepiaf.geo

So tell me how your garden turn out and do you plan to plant a winter garden? It’s amazing what you can grow indooors in the winter.

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