How to bring a new houseplant home safely

When you buy a plant at a store or greenhouse you really have no idea of how the plants was treated before you bought it. It may have been forced to have larger or earlier flowers, which will tire the plant. It may have been under-watered or placed in improper temperatures.

So baby your plant when you bring it home.

Your first step when bringing a plant home is to leave the store with it properly wrapped.

  • When you leave the store there will be a temperature change so plan for it. If its freezing cold outdoors have the cashier give you one of two bags to totally cover the plant and get it home ASAP. Even a few minutes of below average temperatures will harm a plant and create shock.
  • If it’s hot outdoors place the plant in a cool place in the car out of direct sunlight.

Indoor houseplant care tips

Check the plants soil when you get home to determine if it needs water and for a day just put the plant somewhere quiet. Also check the plant over for any insects or parasites. Trim off any damages leaves or broken stems or branches.

I often keep the plant separate from any other plants for a week to makes sure there are small insects on the plants. The last thing I want to do is infest all my other plants.

Next check the plant instructions on a plant tag, in a houseplant book or look it up on-line to make sure you know it’s watering and lighting needs.

Find a new home for your plant in your house and enjoy its beauty.

I used to move a lot for my one job. Each time I moved to a new town I bought a plant. It was my new friend in a town where I knew no one. Needless to say, it was not long before moving plants took all my time and space

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