How to Decorate Around an Outdoor Bench

An outdoor bench isn’t only for park use. It can be used indoors. They can be just as nice to sit in, as any upholstered sofa, patio chair, or armchair.

When used indoors, a park bench becomes the center of attention, in the room that it’s in because of its iron frame and wooden body. It would be good to make the space around it seem to be just as full of bold character as the bench.

You’ve wanted to feel the great outdoors in your home for the longest time. Now, you have an outdoor bench. What do you do? You place it in your den. A chair like this deserves to be in the middle of the room, no matter its make. Surround it with plant boxes and seedling boxes which have lush clover, delightful sweet pea or other fragrant garden herbs in them. Try this suggestion of plants, only if your room has ample light from the outside.

If you’ve always wanted to ask the great outdoors to come inside and stay awhile for dinner, place an outdoor bench inside the den. Place the bench in the very middle of this room. Rearrange the other room furnishings to fit a floor design that wants to capture the look of a typical recreational park.

If your outdoor bench is to go on your porch, then get that Victorian parlor room look with the following suggestions. Set up side tables beside each arm of the bench. Put a miniature plant on top of the table, preferably one that has round, ornamental fruit growing on it. Add a few more items such as small, standing frames which encase butterfly specimens or leaf and flower types.

For your porch, use an outdoor bench to feel like a character from a Victorian novel or play. Place side tables by the arms of the park bench. On top of each table, add a mini ornamental tree with round fruits on it. Arrange a small collection of vintage hardbound books, frames of butterflies or frames of dried leaves and flowers, on the tables. Add a bowl of potpourri to each arrangement. Then sit on the bench, with these new decorations beside it; you’ll start to think of eating pop corn balls and toffee apples, while watching 4th of July fireworks when you’re seated there.

If you’ll use a park bench as a love seat, for a mixers party, don’t be afraid to get romantic. Use satin pillows to soften the hard look of an outdoor bench. Fill a large vase with a bright flower arrangement. Make sure that the vase is as tall as your bench.

Then, bring in a string of faux pearls. You can drape the string of pearls on the bench. Later, when the lights are dim, wait for someone special to kiss you on this nicely decorated bench. These are only three examples of the many ways that you can use your outdoor bench, indoors.

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2 responses to “How to Decorate Around an Outdoor Bench”

  1. Great ideas. Outdoor benches really are versatile. All it takes is getting out of the mindset that an outdoor bench belongs only in the garden, and figuring out where else it might be welcomed. Once the location is decided upon, decorating your bench to look at home in its new environment provides the finishing touches.

    Stan Horst

  2. A bench just adds that final touch to a garden, backyard or trail. They are a “must have” in my garden areas. Denise

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