How to Disinfect Gardening Tools

With the gardening season beginning for most of us it’s a good time to disinfect your garden tools. Dust, dirt and debris that sticks to your gardening tools will rust your tools and will also spread disease in your garden and to your plants.  Scovil Hoe
Creative Commons License photo credit: The Marmot

To disinfect your tools first clean off the dirt with a clean cloth and remove any rust from the tool.

Next mix one part bleach and nine parts water in a three gallon bucket. Make sure it is mixed well before disinfecting your gardening tools.

After removing the surface dirt, dip your gardening tools into the disinfecting solution and gently swish in the mixture for fifteen to twenty seconds. Remove the gardening tools from the solution and dry.

If you have time oil the garden tool handles to help keep them smooth and prevent splinters.  Leafy leftovers
Creative Commons License photo credit: Unhindered by Talent

You should also sharpen any tools before the season begins. And when cleaning a sharp tool, use extreme care cleaning and drying the item.

Garden tools that are maintained properly will last for years.

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