How to Dry Herbs Successfully

There are several ways to store herb that you have grown in your garden. Freezing and drying are the most popular forms of storage.

I dry most of my herbs. I like the look and the smell of the barn when I have the herbs hanging while drying.

My barn works the best for me for drying as its dry and dark. Many people use a dark closet or even an herb drying cabinet.

And with modern advance the microwave will also dry herbs. Some question if the microwave dries out the essential oils in the herbs so that they are not as potent.

The following you tube below shows how to dry herbs

There are several points I consider important when drying herbs.

  • Pick the herb in the morning. Rinse and make sure the herb is dry. I usually wait and start to dry the herb until the next day.
  • When you feel the herb is dry, check once again. If the herb has any moisture left in the leaves it will mold when put in a jar.
  • Store the herb in a glass jar and keep out of sunlight. Sunlight will delete the oils left in the jar.
  • Herbs that are left whole, not crushed, will keep their herbal strength longer.

Herbs are easy and fun plants to grow. With the many uses for herbs you will find they are a wonderful addition to the yard and gardens.

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