How to fence a vegetable garden

Garden fences are an asset for many gardens.

My gardens did well for the first few years but when the groundhogs and rabbits found the free food they sent out invitations and before long them garden was in ruins.

And it’s important to put up a good fence. My one fence was ok but I had a ground hog that was smarter than me and got in the garden. When I startled him he forgot how he got in and both of us had a scary moment. Cornered groundhogs will get an attitude!

This you tube shows how to put up an easy fence. In my area I need one that is a little more animal proof but this fence may be perfect for you.

A garden fence can be both practical and pretty. You just need to evaluate what you need and make the fence accordingly. For my fences I need them to come to the ground, be very sturdy, serve and a place for vines to grow and be able to be covered for frost protection in the fall.

I also like them to be moveable for mowing and working with the soil. I accomplish this by using pipes placed in the ground that metal poles can fit into. I can remove the pipes and take down the fence in a few hours if necessary.

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