How to grow Container Gardens and Hanging Baskets

Growing plants and vegetable in containers and hanging baskets add to you garden and backyard design. But with container gardening you must take extra care with watering. Many containers and hanging baskets will dry out quickly if they are not properly assembled and placed in your yard.

Success with hanging baskets and growing in containers

  • Containers and hanging baskets should have 10 to 12 inch diameter measurement at the top. Plants in smaller containers will require more water.
  • You can buy soil that retains moisture. It has small moisture absorbing material added to it. Many people add a baby diaper to the bottom of the containers or hanging baskets. It sounds strange, but it does work.
  • I use a smaller plastic pop bottle that I have cut the bottom off of and inset it into the middle of the container. I fill this when watering and the water goes down to the roots where it is needed. Once you plants are growing you do not see the bottle.
  • Glazed clay pots that have been soaked before planting will hold moisture in the soil longer. If you occasionally spray the container it will help to keep the soil cooler, which helps with water retention. Bryanston Square, W1
    Creative Commons License photo credit: Metro Centric


  • Light colored pots stay cooler and help to hold moisture in pots and keep the soil cooler.
  • Mulch your containers and hanging baskets.
  • Cluster pots together and set them in partial shade. They will stay cooler and be in one location for easy watering. You can also sink the pots into a larger planter or garden area and fill with mulch. This option can give you the chance to create an interesting garden theme.
  • If it’s a really hot day, take you hanging baskets down and set in a cooler location. This will also give you the opportunity to water them well and pick over the plants and remove any flower heads or weak plant branches. Container plants: still alive!
    Creative Commons License photo credit: mara

Container gardening adds to any garden area and makes use of space that may not be used otherwise. With these few tips your hanging baskets and container plants should thrive.

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4 responses to “How to grow Container Gardens and Hanging Baskets”

  1. John

    This is really useful tips on growing hanging baskets. I never knew these tips until I visit this blog post.

  2. Good post today, Denise. I plan on doing some hanging baskets- if I can find the time to make them, that is :). I want to hang some tomatoes as well. Happy gardening!

    Tessa at Blunders with shoots, blossoms ‘n roots’s last blog post..Sunny Days are Here Again

  3. Hi Tessa

    The hanging tomato basket is on of my favorite hanging baskets!

    I know about time. I make my haning baskets in the morning when I am just getting awake. There’s a cup of tea easily in reach 😉 Denise

  4. Hi John,

    Hanging baskets really add to any garden area or porch. Its amazing what all you can grow in a container or basket. Thanks for visiting, Denise

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