How to Grow Peanuts Indoors

Peanuts are a plant that you would normally grow outdoors or may not grow in a garden if you live in a cooler climate. So planting peanuts indoors is a fun experiment and children love to watch their peanut plant grow and later produce. New Clay Flower Pots
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Peanuts make a beautiful indoor plant. If you want they can grow and mature indoors or you can move them outdoors when the temperatures warm up to above 55 degrees at night. In my cooler climate if I grow them outdoors I use a wind tunnel or moveable cold frame.

To grow peanuts indoors you will need:

  • RAW peanuts
  • potting soil
  • planting container six to eight inches in diameter

Start by shelling your raw peanut. Fill your planting container with potting soil and place five or six peanuts one inch under the soil. Make sure that the peanuts do not touch. Water and cover the container with clear plastic. Keep covered until the peanut seedlings begin to break through the soil.

When the plants are three to four inches tall, transplant them into their own individual containers. You can leave the plants indoors or if it’s warm set them outdoors. Make sure the plants are in a sunny area. You will need to rotate the container so that the plant grow straight and tall.

The plants will have a very pretty yellow flower, which is open during the day and closed at night. When the flower falls off you will know that the plant is beginning to produce peanuts. Children will enjoy watching the plant grow more if you plant the plant in a clear container. Children will see the roots form and even see a peanut or two.

The peanuts will take about 130 days to produce a peanut crop. Growing indoors in a container the crop will be much smaller but it’s a fun project to try.

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