How to grow Strawberries indoors in a Strawberry Pot

If you would like to try growing strawberries indoors you need to make sure you have proper lighting and good soil. My first article explains how to get started with proper lighting and soil. I plan on using hanging baskets for my plants with the strawberry runners being overwintered in a greenhouse. To read this article check out the following link: Growing Strawberries Indoors, a-Gardening Adventure big fat suspicious-looking and out-of-season strawberries
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This article tells how to set up a strawberry pot. I like the looks of a strawberry pots. They add character to a room and growing strawberry plants equally as well.

Strawberry pots are designed to hold one to three plants at the top. The pockets in the sides would then be able to hold any runners that developed as the plant matured. Many gardeners, like me, fill all the openings with strawberry right from the start.

To plant your strawberry pot, you will need a piece of PVC pipe that is capped at one end, a drill, potting soil, and a strawberry pot. Cut the pipe so that it will fit inside the strawberry pot with the uncapped end even with the pot’s rim. Drill 1/8″ diameter holes an inch apart down alternating sides of the pipe. For example, on one side your first hole might be 1/2″ inch from the top, but on the other side your first hole would be one inch from the top. Strawberry
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Partially fill with the pot with soil and insert the tube, capped end down, into the center of the pot. Loosely add the rest of the potting mix. Plant each pocket. Add more soil around the roots if needed. Finish by planting two to three plants at the top and soaking the soil well. Water the pot by inserting a funnel into the pipe and pour water into it, ensuring that the water is distributed evenly through the pot.

This method will grow healthy plants and produce a great strawberry crop.

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