How to grow Vegetables, Flowers and Herbs in Hanging Baskets

If you are limited to room to grow vegetables or want the convenience of crops close by take a closer look at what can be grown in hanging baskets. Most people have seen tomatoes, particularly cherry tomatoes growing in baskets.  

But with a little planning it’s amazing what all crops and herbs you can grow in hanging baskets.  

I would make my decisions on vegetables by what you like best in the kitchen and next on how the plants grows. Any plant that tends to wan to sprawl on the ground makes a great choice of a basket. Tomatoes, small squash (you need to choose wisely here… a planter is often a better choice) cucumbers, peas, beans, etc. are good choices for hanging baskets.   

Plants that grow tall or become too heavy are not good choices. You may be able to put them in a planter nearby and trellis them. Or look for the newer small mini varieties. Many squash and melon varieties are smaller now.  

You can also mix vegetables, herbs, varieties or lettuces and edible flowers in baskets. They have a colorful great look and jazz up your porches and patios.  

Plant your vegetables as normal in hanging baskets.

  • Use a soil retention product to help the baskets to hold water and not require daily watering. 

  • Fill with a rich high nutrient soil

  • Plant vegetables even with the soil but remember to plant tomatoes a little deeper.

  • Water regularly

  • Give good sunlight and turn the baskets 1/4 turn each week

  • Harvest on time

  • Use a liquid compost tea to make sure the plants are getting enough fertilizer.  


I enjoy scarlet runner beans, strawberries, and nasturtiums in some of the baskets. I have even grown cabbage in hanging baskets before, usually behind greens and flowers. It makes a full rich looking basket.


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  1. Denise

    Also mix like plants in a hanging basket. Plants that grow well together and require the same amount of water. Denise

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