How to make a Decorative Cornhusk Wreath

An Indian corn wreath will add color to your porch or home. And in the fall it adds to the feel of fall harvest and thanksgiving. An Indian corn wreath is very easy to make and with proper care will last for years to come.

When my brother raised pumpkins he also raised Indian corn for fall decorations. We had a corn husking party; bent the husks back and tied in bunches to dry. The barn was full of Indian corn hanging from the barn rafters to dry. It took about four days.

I made a few Indian corn husk wreaths and was hooked on the easy and beautiful fall wreaths. Below are directions for making your own wreath

How to Make an Indian corn decorative wreath.

Start with a metal or grapevine wreath form. I usually use a grapevine wreath because it is a fuller base to work on. Lay the base wreath on a table along with the dried Indian corn, dried flowers and any ribbon or other decorations you have.

Look at the colors of the corn and flowers, and place them around the wreath to see how they would look. This may be randomly placed or even. Remember when placing the corn that you want the wreath to appear balanced and centered when placed on a wall.

Use the same method for the dried flowers, spacing them so that they create a balanced composition. I also like to add cornhusk that I have fluffed to add more fill to the wreath. Sometimes I will lightly dye the husks in light pastel colors.

Wrap the dried corn and flowers with florist wire. (Florist wire is a thin wire that is coated in a green plastic, commonly used to wrap floral arrangements.) Place the Indian corn and flowers where you want them on the wreath base ands bind them in place with the florist wire.

Hook the end of the florist wire into the back of the wreath and wrap it around the wreath. This method will securely attach the flowers and Indian corn to the wreath. Continue this process until all your items are securely in place on the wreath.

Step back and take a look at the wreath. Are there bare spots or corn or flowers that need a slight adjustment? Would a ribbon bow add to the wreath? When you feel the wreath is finished its time to spray the wreath.

To make the wreath last longer, spray it with an acrylic clear varnish. This step should be done in a well-ventilated area, like outdoors and away from plants and the house. Hold the spray can at least 12 inches from your body and from the wreath.

Spray the wreath quickly not lingering on one area too long. Allow the spray to dry completely in a warm area, at least 55 degrees. I ignore the wreath for about 24 hours.

Once dry, hang indoors or out. These wreaths make great gifts and will last for years.

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2 responses to “How to make a Decorative Cornhusk Wreath”

  1. Diana

    Love the information you have here for creating decorative wreaths Denise. Wow, I never knew it was this easy to have gorgeous wreaths made to compliment the fall season.

    .-= Diana´s last blog ..It is time to Clean up the Garden for the Winter Months =-.

  2. mary

    I don’t have a barn to hang my treasures in to dry. One of the ways that I have found is simply to use my laundry rack in a dark corner of my house.

    Thanks for the nice tips on creating wreath ideas for the seasons. My porch will be more welcoming because of you.

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