How to Make a Garden edging with River Rock

All my gardens are getting a makeover this year. I am trying to create garden areas that are less work. I am also repairing storm damage from last year.

My flowerbeds are raised beds and have a form of edging. This makes mowing and weeding easier. I have mixed redwood stain wood in the gardens along with stone. The redwood has  been used in an old raised bed in the front that is being redone and the new redwood steps that are being added to the front yard. This is a massive project so will take all season to complete.

One reason for the stone is the amount of edging I need to do and the raised beds and small garden walls for the terraced gardens. I have all the free rock I need for the project (the rocks are sitting in my yard from last years floods.)

It’s not wise to use too many types of edging as you want a uniform look in the garden areas but the mix or rock and stained redwood does work. The redwood has been used in previous landscaping and in the colors of the house.

The following you tube shows how to make  an edging using river rock.

Often times you can pick up river rock from area that have been flooded and they are removing the damage and will be tossing it or paying to haul it away. Constructions sites often have a source and garden centers will carry it too.

With a little planning you can create a nice edging for your flowerbeds and vegetable beds. And hopefully you can collect most of your building materials for free.

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