How to Plant Square Foot Gardens : How to Water Square Foot Gardens

Watering is very important in gardening. Too much and the roots cannot breath properly, which will lead to sick plants. Too little water and the plants will not produce a large harvest or lots of blooms.

Square foot gardens are watered differently than a regular garden. Being small they do not really need a water hose or sprinkler. They also may dry out a little faster so use a mulch to help retain water in the soil.

Below are a few watering tips that work for me.

1. Water your square foot section well after planting. I make sure its watered well enough so that if you stick your finger into the garden ground the dampness goes at least three inches deep into the soil. Shallow watering makes shallow roots and the plants dry out too fast, particularly on a sunny day.

2. Water in the morning or on a cloudy day so that the sun doesn’t work against you and dry the soil out.

3. If you water at night plan the watering so that the plants are not wet at dusk. Wet plants will attract slugs. I give my gardens at least two hours of sunlight before dusk sets in.

4. After the plants are established and the seeds are growing; mulch your soil with two to three inches of compost or grass clipping. This will help keep the moisture in your soil and the ground will not dry out as fast.

5. I use warmish water for watering the garden. I will set water out in buckets or use water from a  rain barrel. Water from a water hose is convenient but if it’s cold it shocks the plants. This small shock can and will set back harvests and plant growth.

6. I make a small hollow by the plants roots to catch water so that is does not run off.

7. Water your plants when the soil is dry. And if you notice a plant is wilting make sure you water it first.

Watering a Square Foot garden takes less time because it is compact. I can easily water one section in five to 10 minutes.

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