How to Plant Square Foot Gardens – Square Foot Garden Benefits

Several years ago I heard of a garden method called Square Foot Gardening. It was supposed to use less garden space and be easier to weed and water. I decided to look into the method, so I read a book and gave it a try.

I have been hooked on this style of gardening ever since. Below is a video on Square Foot Gardening. Each day this week there will be a video on Square Foot Gardening. You will learn why it works, how to make the garden and how to plant it. Whether you decide this is you style of gardening or not you are sure to pick up some great gardening tips.

Why I personally use the Square Foot Garden method

  • Less space required.
  • Easier watering.
  • Fewer weeds.
  • Insects are easier to control.
  • I can rotate more crops thus make better use of the space.
  • The unused beds are ready to use or reuse with very little work

Things I do differently with my square foot garden beds than in the video.

  • I use wire underneath the raised bed to help prevent mole problems.
  • I use a higher bed. It’s easier on the back. I also make my beds 3 foot wide by 5 foot long. Its easier for me to work this size bed.
  • I use more compost in the bottom of the bed. I use about 8 inches. This is because of my higher frame.
  • I build in areas to put posts on the sides of the bed frames. This gives me the option to use plastic as a cold frame in the spring and fall. It also lets me cover new crops to protect them from the hot sun.

The raised beds take a little more time to make. But once they are assembled I think you save time in the garden and the garden area is very neat looking and is easy to mow around. I have also found the raised beds discourage some garden pests like rabbits. (If you have a determined rabbit I have a solution for that too)

Enjoy the video series and if you have a question just ask.

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2 responses to “How to Plant Square Foot Gardens – Square Foot Garden Benefits”

  1. Thank you for the videos…I enjoyed them…

    I am trying this method this year and instead of just doing the square foot garden,,,I am doing a raised bed, square foot…Ruth Stout version…LOL….the Ruth Stout part,,is mulching the paths and the beds with rotted hay. Every thing is looking pretty good and we are getting a lot of veggies..

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