How to properly clean and store Fruits and Vegetables

All my garden produce is 100 percent chemical free. I have not used any form of chemicals on my yard in over 10 years so the only thing I might have on my fruit and vegetables are pollutants from the air.

My philosophy is the healthier I grow my produce the healthier I will be.  Unfortunately I cannot grow everything so do buy produce but with a little caution and proper cleaning my produce is still relatively healthy.

Below are a few guidelines to help you have healthy fruits and vegetables.

  • Grow what you can. Even if you live in an apartment or city you can still grow a few fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Look for organically grown fruits and vegetables.
  • Purchase fruits and vegetables from the grocery store that are free from bruises and cuts. Microorganisms to grow more rapidly in damaged produce. The same rule applies for home grown produce.
  • Store produce in the refrigerator before handling. This will slow down the growth of any bacteria that may be present. An exception is made for fruits that need to ripen naturally like bananas, kiwi and tomatoes. Store these on your counter not in cold temperatures.
  • Wash all fruits and vegetable before cutting. Bacteria from the rind and skin can creep on to cut surfaces.
  • Place cut fruits and vegetables back in the refrigerator if you aren’t going to use them right away. Cutting can allow bacteria to grow so try to only cut the amount of produce you will be using.
  • If the fruits and vegetables have a tough skin clean them with a brush and warm water. Do not use soap as it may leave a residue.
  • Soak knifes and cutting boards in a solution of one tablespoon of bleach to one gallon of warm water for a few minutes after using to cut produce. Let air-dry.

Fresh fruits and vegetables have more enzymes and vitamins. Buy fresh produce and grow you own if you can. Besides, gardening is fun.

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