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Late winter has its bright spots in Pennsylvania. I live on the edge of ski country so the winters can be harsh but the garden seed catalogs remind me of my gardens and the wonderful summers we have.

Today I received a letter in the mail. I knew it had seed in from the sounds it made. The letter was from Humes Seed Company. Below is a copy of the letter.

Garden Writers Association of America

An estimated 30 million Americans, including the elderly and children, go to bed hungry every night, not knowing when their next meal will be. The GWAA, oldest and largest association of professional garden communicators, hopes to educe the problem without government programs, tax dollars or red tape.

We at Ed Hume Seeds want to do our part too. That’s why we are including a free packet of seeds so you too can Plant a Row For The Hungry!

Most gardeners harvest more than they can consume. The “Plant a Row” program asks Americas 78 million home gardeners to plant an extra row of vegetables for contribution to local organizations that distribute food.

Second Harvest (312) 263-2303 can refer you to a qualified relief organization in your immediate area. Any extra produce you grow will be extremely helpful to a local soup kitchen or food bank.

We salute the Garden writers Association of America and its 1.300 members for initiating this worthwhile “people helping People” project. For more information, you can contact them at GWAA Headquarters, 10210 Leatherleaf Ct. Manassas, VA 22111.
PS If you cannot help, please pass the free seeds on to someone who can. Thank you, Ed Hume

The seed are Chantenay Carrots. Carrots are often a crop grown in victory gardens and for food shelters and kitchens because they can be easily stored and have many uses.

I will be growing the Carrots for the PAR program. I plan on growing them in a bushel basket so that I can harvest them quickly and easily with no digging. I usually cover the basket with net so I don’t have any bug problems.

I have grown a Row for the Hungry in my gardens for many years and firmly believe in the program. There should be no hunger here or overseas and everyone who can plant one extra crop or give away his or her extra garden produce helps everyone.

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2 responses to “Humes Seeds – Plant a Row for the Hungry”

  1. What a great idea and so simple.

  2. admin

    It is very simple, only takes a few more minutes of time and benefits the community. Its a project I always do. Denise

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