Indoor Container gardening tips

Container gardening is becoming more important as a garden style every year. One reason is the ease in setting up a garden area. Another reason is this garden style will also work in apartments and small space garden areas. With winter approaching and gardening moving indoors here are three starter tips for creating your indoor container garden.

1.  Choosing the Proper Material for Your Garden Pots

Garden pots are made from a variety of materials. Some are heavier, some more durable and some more stylish. Cost and the use of the planter will determine what you purchase.

Heavier plants work best for plants that may be in a high traffic area and you do not want to tip over. Also do you use plastic planters, ceramic or terra cotta? Humidity in the home will help you make the best selection. Also if you have a home with active children and pets you may want to consider plastic.

At this time of year I dumpster dive for planters. Two days ago I brought home more than 100 planters. Many were in great shape. A few were stylish planters I will save for next year and use as a focal planter in gardens. There were narrow planters for windowsills and several hanging baskets that will work for the enclosed porch and a mini herb garden.
A few of my found planters were damaged and will either be used for holding transplants, starting seeds or as a base for creating a new planter.

2. Consider the size of the planter

The kind of plant or plants you will be planting will help determine how big the pots you will need to have. Most plants need at least 6 inches of space to grow. So a 12-inch pot would hold 3 to four plants. I would select 3 plants with another plant that hung over a side. Just remember, the plants in a planter the more water it will use.

I like to use strawberry planters in the house in the winter. You get a rich feel of space and plenty of color. They are a bit more expensive but off-season they are usually on sale. And with care they will last for years.

3. Add Variety to planters

Changing the size and shape of your planters will add pizzazz to your indoor container garden area. I rarely even have one lone garden pot. And for some reason, uneven numbers have more of a flow and inviting look.

Place the larger planters in the back and smaller pots in the front. You might also want to have the garden set on steps or a taller plant stand to give more height to the garden area.

Setting up an indoor container garden is quite easy. Once you have selected your plants and chosen an area for the containers the next step to a successful garden is proper soil and climate.

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