Indoor Container Gardening – Herbal Strawberry Pot

Fresh herbs are wonderful in the kitchen particularly in the winter months when anything fresh is twice as nice. The texture and aroma from herbs are an additional plus.

One way to have herbs in the garden is a windowsill herb garden. Another is to make an Herbal Strawberry Pot.

Supplies you will need:    

Strawberry pot, Broken crockery or rocks,  Assorted 4″ herbs , Slow release fertilizer, Potting soil or compost 

Make sure your strawberry pot is clean. I also soak it so that the pot has taken on water. In the long run this seems to help the plants adjust to their new home and for the pot to reatin moisture longer.

Place some of the broken crock or rocks in the bottom of the strawberry pot. Rocks will work, but crockery is better. The crockery pieces will help drainage and prevent the herbs from getting soggy roots or “wet feet”. Sometimes if roots become to wet you will get a mold or mildew problem.

Fill the pot with soil up to the level of the first planting holes. You want to give you herbs a good start so mix a couple tablespoons of slow release fertilizer into the soil. 

It’s best to gently lower each plant into the strawberry pot and guide the foliage top through the planting holes. Firm the plants in place and add more soil.

If you are using a pot with multiple levels of planting holes add more soil up to the next pocket and again place the plant into the pot and guide it through the planting hole. Continue this until you pot is full.

After all the herbs have been planted fill the pot the rest of the way up with soil. Plant one or two herbs in the top of the pot making sure not to overcrowd them. Firm in the last plant in place and water the container thoroughly. The final step is to add some pebbles to the top. This helps the soil remain soft so that it absorbs water better and looks attractive too.


Besides adding fresh herbs to your kitchen this planting makes a great centerpiece or gift.


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