Indoor Plants, Care of the Spider Plant.

Spider plants (Chlorophytum comosum) are one of the most popular plants people grow. My nephews and niece were always fascinated with its growth and all the new plants it had cascading down in long lines.


Spider plants like low light conditions. Indirect or defused lighting are best for the plants leaves. But they will benefit by being place in a sunny window once or twice a week but just make sure its not direct lighting. Direct lighting will burn the leaves and make the tips turn brown.

The Spider plant likes well-drained, rich potting soil. It also grows and looks best in hanging baskets.


Watering the plant is the most important step in caring for a plant and the step that seems to challenge most people. Water the spider when the soil feels dry to the touch. Moisten the soil, but make sure the soil does not get soggy. If by chance it does turn a fan on the plants soil to help dry it.

This plant usually does well being watered once a week. I like to take the plant outdoors and mist it once a month or if it’s winter hang it in the shower and mist it. It cleans the plant and just seems to perk it up.

If you notice the ends of the leaves on your plant are turning brown this could be from the water you’re using. If you have town or city water you may need to use distilled water as chemicals found in urban tap water is often too harsh for plants. I also let my tap water warm up before I use it on plants.

Special care

Prune your Spider plant often. The more “babies” your plant produces, the more water and food it will need to stay alive. Pruning back the new growth will keep your plant healthy and give it a more full rich look.

You can also propagate the new growth by setting a small pot of soil next to the large plant and standing the baby plant into the soils surface. Roots will quickly develop and you can separate it from its mother for a new plant. Some people just clip off the baby plants and stick in water to encourage root growth, then plant them.

Remember to feed your spider plant approximately every month. Spider plants only need light fertilizing so you can dilute the recommended strength in half.

Spider plant do not like cold temperatures or drafts so remember to move them away from windows if its cold at night.

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2 responses to “Indoor Plants, Care of the Spider Plant.”

  1. teri

    I happen to have spider plants that were in a large clay pot in the summer at my front door in a shaded area. They are doing well indoors and making lots of babies, which will be great when I transpose them back outside again. Great tips in your articles.

  2. Denise

    Hi Teri,
    Thats what I like about the spider plants, all the new plants! Its a fun plant a relatively easy to take care of. Glad you enjoyed the tips, Denise

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