Lasagna Garden/Straw Bale Garden Plan

Every year I promise myself not to have too many gardens and every year I push that promise. There is no doubt I am garden addicted. This year I have three gardens and I know there will be containers scattered about the yard. But over all this is not a bad number of gardens, for me. ว่านนางคุ้ม
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My largest garden is 25 foot by 30 foot and is set up to be as easy of a garden to maintain as possible. This is my Lasagna Garden/Straw bale garden combination. I have combined the two garden techniques to simplify my gardens and improve the soil in this older garden bed.

This area is also fenced, which in my backyard has become a necessity in the last few years with rabbits and groundhogs.

To start my garden I have put down cardboard over the entire garden area that I picked up free at a local store. I chose cardboard over newspaper to make sure I had all the sod covered well enough to stop its growth.

My next step was to pick up old sawdust and leaves. The sawdust came from a local bat mill and the leaves were picked up on a weekend cleaning the township offered. I layered the leaves down first in a 8 inch layered and then added the older sawdust in a 6 inch layer. I topped the layers off with sheep manure and watered lightly.

Later today I will top the mixture off with fresh grass clippings and straw.

My next step will be to plan the straw bale garden areas. I plan on making 3 square bale garden areas for the gourds and melons. I will also have a moss covered flower tier from straw bales to make the garden area fun and my last straw bales garden will actually be for vegetables and herbs.

After I have decided where to place the straw bales, I will begin to treat them for planting. Also at that time I will decide where I want my other lasagna garden area in my fenced garden area and slay out the plans for them. I will raise this area with more composting materials to create my lasagna garden growing areas in a raised bed fashion.

More plans and photos will follow for my lasagna garden/straw bale garden as the garden takes shape.

My other gardens include the small space $20 dollar recession garden and my perennial gardening bed for new perennial flowers and herbs.

If you are using the straw bale gardening method or lasagna gardening method let me know how your garden is doing.

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