Magestic barns of Warren County Pennsylvania

When I grew up in Warren County there were barns at almost every house on a dirt road and quite a few still standing in the center of the smaller towns. Mail Pouch Barn (145/365)
Creative Commons License photo credit: kimberlyfaye

The barn we had at the house were I grew up had three floors. The top floor had a smooth inlaid oak tongue and groove floor. Back in the 1920’s  and 30’s when community parties were held every weekend, this barn was known in three states for having the best square dancing parties.

By the time my parents bought the house and the barn had suffered from neglect in the depression era and the third floor had lost some of its elegance but it still had an air of importance and mystery. I remember looking out the huge third floor windows across the hills and valleys during those hot summer days enjoying the lush hills and quiet of the country.

One of the most amazing things to my brothers and I was the hay chute from the third floor to the first floor. It was as smooth as ice from hay polishing the wood and it made the best slide! The architecture of the barn also intrigued me. I guess this is where my love of barns comes from. The barn fell down many years ago and I still remember that day vividly.

At the house where I live now I am also blessed with a barn. It’s not the architectural wonder of the other barn but its in very good shape. It has an interesting history of being moved from four miles away and reassembled. Overall its 45 foot wide and 75 foot long. The second floor was not put back in when it was moved but the barn has a peek of about five stories tall. Barn
Creative Commons License photo credit: BinaryApe

Since my family has lived here the barn has been used for cows, sheep, as a machine shop and to repairs car in. It was also used to sell pumpkins from and for several years fall was an enchanting time for children and adults alike. Today it’s used for huge garden sales and to create art and furniture from found items.

I have future plans for the barn but the most important plan to keep it standing. Barns are fast becoming a fading memory in our area and it’s wonderful to see any barn remain intact. It is part of our rural history and one of a few barns left in Pinegrove Township.

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