Make your Own Grapevine Crafts – Garden Crafting – 3 Projects

Grapevine projects are fun and can take on many creative aspects. I started out with wreaths and swags and quickly moved into different shaped wreaths, garden arbors and furniture.

The Fast Grapevine Wreath

To make a fast grapevine wreath find a large coffee can, three to five pound coffee can, or a bucket. I duct tape the can or bucket onto a metal table so that I can use two hands to wrap and tie the grapevine.

Collect your grapevine you have harvested or bought and cut it into the desired lengths. My favorite length is 15 to 20 foot. Take two or three vines and place together. I cut the vines so they are about six inches different in length.

Start wrapping the vines around the cans until you run out of vine. I tuck the vines into the wreath when I run out. You may just want to wire them in place. If you want the wreath thicker wrap more vines around the can.

When you have the desired thickness to the wreath; remove it from the can. You can leave the wreath wired in place or add vine and wrap it around the wreath to hold everything in place. I like the added thickness of wrapping the vine and always do this. Tuck in any loose ends and you are done.

When using a can its possible for me to make a wreath in less than five minutes.

Grapevine Star Wreath

Try this wreath after you have made several circular or oval wreaths and are used to working with grapevine.

You will need wire or string for this and two sizes of grapevine, I usually use a 1/2 grapevine for the base. These pieces are cut into 18 inch lengths and I bundle five in each group. You will need six 18 inch grapevine groups.

Take three of the grapevine bundles and lay them out to make a triangle shape. Wire them into place. Thake the other three bundle and repeat the process.

Lay the two triangles on top of each other so that they form a star. (It looks more like a Star of David) Wire them together.

Now take a thinner grapevine and wrap the vine carefully around the star form. This serves two purposes. It secures the two pieces together and it thickens and add interest to the grapevine.

This grapevine wreath gets a lot of comments and can be left plain or decorated for different seasons. It looks great with a string of white lights on it!

The Christmas Tree

This is a very easy project but it takes a lot of grapevine.  Start by using a tomato cage.

Turn the tomato cage upside down so that it is sitting on the round circular opening. I cut grapevine the length of the grapevine cage and wire these additional pieces onto the cage. This gives you more places to tie the grapevine that you are wrapping on the cage. Most cages only have three or four pieces of  wire that run vertical up the cage.

I wrap a lot of grapvine on the round bottom of the cage to give it a full look. As you wrap grapevine on the bottom, wire it into place on the wire. The wire the vine into place as I wrap and when I run out of vine I tuck it into the vine I have aleady wrapped on the cage and them wire on another vine and continue to wrap.

As you get closer to the top you will need a thinner grapevine because your circles are smaller and it will bend better than a thicker vine.  At the top I wire the vine in place securely and tuck the end into the top of the tree.

This tree looks great with white lights or natural decorations such as cones and natural dried items.

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4 responses to “Make your Own Grapevine Crafts – Garden Crafting – 3 Projects”

  1. Susan

    How do I shape grapevine that is already dry? I bought a “coil” of grapevine at a hobby store and can’t seem to shape it. It’s so stiff that I can’t straighten it out. Help!

  2. You can soak the grapevine overnight in the sink or bathtub and it will be flexible again. Its somewhat messy.

    In the summer I put it outdoors in the evening when I know its going to rain hard ans let it get soaked well. The next morning its pliable and I can use it. Denise

  3. Anonymous

    Thanks very much for this info!

  4. This seems like a great little project using a grapevine. I’m definitely going to try it out. Thanks for the tips! I’m addicted to crafting I think.
    .-= Marcie M.´s last blog ..Just arrived! NEW DCWV mat stacks and paper stacks! =-.

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